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KeepUp helps you stay in touch, remember important info and organize your network under one roof.

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✓  Never lose contact
✓  Remember whats important
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Maintaining relationships
is hard...

You know maintaining relationships is important, but with the busy nature of work and life we often put it off and ignore how essential it is.

Unfortunately we all know this issue far too well. Many of us have likely had old coworkers, university connections, mentors or strategic partners that we should have kept up with. Most of us have all experienced that nagging feeling knowing that we should have stayed in touch with someone only to realize it was too late.

With this exact problem in mind two university students built KeepUp. An easy to use network management tool. Helping users maintain their relationships easily with a super simple platform.

(1st MVP Screenshot)

What makes it all possible?

KeepUp has a few simple features that make it all possible. We strive to build an easy to use product that doesn't have this layer of complexity attached to it like most personal crm's.

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Easily import your contacts from your Linkedin, cell phone & other social networks.


Via a built-in calendar you can easily set up reminders for reach outs, birthdays or any occasion.

Ai Email Automation

Use our personalized ai to generate and schedule emails to your contacts.

Contact Profiles

Every contact will have a profile tracking all their info, a note taking section.


When will KeepUp be launched?

KeepUp at this very moment does not have an official launch date as the founders are still working on developing the new version. It will likely be done within 3 months. An official launch date will be posted soon.

How much will KeepUp cost?

KeepUp initially will come with a free trial of 14 days and then it will be between 12-15 dollars a month. There will also likely be a discount for paying for the full year.

What are the account/feature details?

You will be able to have as many contacts as you want, no limit on contact importation. More information coming soon.

How is KeepUp different from other Personal CRM's?

KeepUp will be different because of it's simplicity and ease of use. No longer are you gonna have to dig through multiple resources or complex crm's to stay in touch. Our platform have everything you need under one roof at a good price.

What will I get signing up for early access?

You will receive email updates on the product's development and you will get a discounted price of just $10 a month.